An ingenious coronavirus-busting machine could be the answer for the Premier League to help lift football’s lockdown.

With the authorities exploring every avenue to get football safely back underway again, a ‘CLeanTech’ sanitation pod from Hong Kong’s exhibition centre might be of interest.

Current plans are for games to be played behind closed doors in June but when fans are gradually reintroduced, this technology could play a part in limiting the spread of coronavirus.

* Sanitising pods would work in a similar way to security check at an airport
* Fans would queue up, walk in and use the three-in-one disinfection machine
* It can check temperatures and readings suggesting a viral infection
* Difficulty in implementing it would be huge but it could be an option for football

The sanitation pod is a three-in-one disinfection machine. Firstly, fans would stand in front of a screen and the computer takes a reading of their temperature.

At that point, if the reading is high and suggests a viral infection, they will be turned away.
If all the measurements look normal, they can proceed to the next stage and move forward into what is called the ‘sanitising tunnel’.

UV light is then used to kill off any other germs on the person’s clothes or belongings and then air-sanitising and purification spray is deployed.
The entire process in the tunnel only takes 12 seconds.

Clubs are planning a return to group training and the pods could even be helpful at their training grounds.

Implementing them on a massive scale could be a stretch too far given the logistical issues at stadiums but the technology will surely be of interest to decision makers.

The French have cancelled Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 and in Holland the top two divisions have also been abandoned. But there remains a will for the Premier League to reach a conclusion with both the government and footballing authorities working on the safest solutions.