Kamu Ultra Karaoke is a new lounge club opens in Las Vegas  Strip composed of  40 out of unique and out this world theme for every customer’s taste.
Initially, Kamu originally planned to open March of 2020, but Covid-19 happened. Governor Steve Sisolak instructed to closed unessential businesses to help to flatten the spread of the virus.
Kamu ensures safety measures which enter the vicinity during this pandemic. Every customer who comes to the karaoke club will go through a disinfection door that reads body temperature and uses a full-body disinfectant with disinfectant mist and UVC light. Every after use, the room will be sanitized, and every customer gets a microphone cover.
”The Club features an instagrammable and unique design that every customer can enjoy. The room includes one suite with different features, a cascade theme, while another features flowers on the walls. Other places include luminous lights, the Galaxy, a festival, white and black stripes, and fiery flames.