Five Unique Germ Blasting Toothbrush Sanitizers

There are hidden germs and bacteria in your bathroom, and the chances of your manual or electric toothbrush being contaminated are incredibly high. You are using a germ-laden manual or electric toothbrush to clean your teeth and tongue. The run-of-the-mill advice is to keep the distance between your manual or electric toothbrush and your toilet as big as possible, but is it enough to keep germs, bacteria, and viruses from getting to your toothbrush holder? Here’s a techy quick-fix: disinfect your electric or manual toothbrush in between uses with a UV toothbrush sanitizer, which has been proven effective in eliminating pathogens. This technology used to be for industrial and medical use only. However, since the discovery of UVC LED light, many gadgets specifically designed for personal and home use are becoming available in the market. Here are five samples of this type of device.


It is a stand-alone sterilizer available for $18, powered by 3 AAA batteries, and resembles an electric pencil sharpener. It has two slots for toothbrushes. It is easy to use; drop the head of your toothbrush into one of the slots, then press the big button on the front to turn on the UV light. The sterilizing process takes up to 8 minutes per round. Find it here.


LocknLock’s UV toothbrush sanitizer holder is uncommon because they are fashioned to be portable. It is a single-brush unit, about the same size as a Zippo and light as a feather. Just easily place the head of your toothbrush holder in the device, then snap it shut. It will automatically sanitize your toothbrush holder using a UV light for only 3 minutes. It is rechargeable. It comes with its cable but no A/C adapter. It has a mirrored panel that helps reflect the UV light around the brush’s surfaces. It is retailed in three colors: grey, pink, and mint. It also comes with tape-back magnets, should you want to mount it to a wall. It is worth the $26 you’d spend to keep your toothbrush holder germ and bacterium-free. Find it here 


The first thing you’ll notice with Pursonic S20 UV Sanitizer is how large and blue it is, and it will stand out on your bathroom countertop. It is all plastic and flimsy and has room to store four toothbrushes and a razor. It is notably large because you are supposed to put not just the head but the entire brush inside. So although the UV bulbs are focused solely on the bristles, they presumably bounce around a little to sanitize the handles. The sanitation process takes between 5 to 8 minutes every time the door is shut. It is available for purchase for $20 on Amazon. Find it here.


A couple of features make Sarmocare distinguishable from other UV toothbrush sanitizers. To begin with, it is exclusively designed to be mounted on a wall. Up to five toothbrushes can hang from the device. Once you press the start button, the sanitation process will last 6 minutes, together with a fan that works as a dryer. It has a rechargeable battery, and a USB cable is included in the package for charging purposes. A fully charged battery will get you around 25 cycles, but you can also leave it plugged in 24/7. It is available on Amazon for $36. Find it here 


These portable toothbrush sanitizers are capable of sanitizing more than your toothbrushes. You can also sterilize nail tools, eyeglasses, make-up accessories, and other personal items that may fit it – or you can also exclusively use it to sanitize your toothbrushes. Since this device is portable, you may bring it with you on your travels. With the power of 8 UV Led beads, it can successfully disinfect your items in only 3 minutes. For $89.90, this product is highly recommendable. Find it here.