Recently, UV POD collaborated with 59S, an innovator in LED and UVC disinfection, to build up an at-home sterilizer to completely clean ALL kinds of stuff.

In the previous months, families worldwide keep their homes and hands clean because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). From showing kids appropriate handwashing strategies to buying hand sanitizer and face veils in mass, guardians have been doing all they can to free their homes of destructive germs and microscopic organisms. What’s more, fortunately, one cherished child care brand assists with making that task somewhat more straightforward.
UVPOD is known for its exceptional taking care of items, sippy cups, potties, toys, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Its most recent dispatch facilitates its validity.
The UVPOD S1 UV-C LED Sterilizer Box utilizes UVC lights —similar innovation emergency clinics use to tidy up working rooms — to successfully wipe out up to 99 percent of germs and infections microscopic organisms per an official statement.
UV light has been utilized as a first line of safeguard to destroy the bacteria, infections and microbes that cause respiratory diseases, for example, this season’s flu virus and RSV.
When the COVID-19 strain opens up, our line of UV-innovation items will be tried against this infection,” expresses the brand. Besides, it’s sheltered to use around your infant, as it doesn’t contain any brutal synthetic compounds or use heat.
You can even utilize it to disinfect your stuff, similar to phones and earbuds. What’s more, since it’s little and lightweight, it’s ideal for movement — regardless of whether it’s only an outing to the pediatrician, where your kid will undoubtedly get a germ or two.
The sterilizer costs $120.99 and in fact that is really worth buying for the safety of our families. The true serenity from realizing that your child’s toys will be cleaned in a snap makes it worth the lavish expenditure.