UVC products have been more in demand since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. But what exactly is UVC? What are its benefits?

Continue reading to know more about UVC, how it’s helping to mitigate the virus’s spread, and which products are safe to use daily.


UV light is divided into three different types. The vast majority of us know UV as UVA and UVB that can be found in sunlight. In recent years, UVB has been used in a medical setting to treat skin related diseases like psoriasis. It is also the ultraviolet type that provides Vitamin D, which we need to strengthen our bones.

The third type of ultraviolet is called UVC. It’s imperceptible to the naked eye, and can be harmful to humans. It has the ability to eliminate microorganisms by agitating their DNA.


UVC light has the ability to sanitize water, air, and surfaces. Recently, more and more establishments have been relying on UVC emitting lamps and automated machines equipped with UVC for disinfection.

It is commonly used in unoccupied spaces to eliminate pathogens and other airborne microorganisms. It can either be affixed on the ceiling or air ducts to maximize its effectiveness and reach.

Direct exposure to UVC can cause damage to the eyes and skin. Hence, handheld UVC devices are advised to be used only on objects and surfaces, while UVC equipment designed to sterilize large spaces are advised to be used in unoccupied spaces only.


First, make sure that the device had been tested and approved by the FDA. Second, choose something that is compact for easy storage. Something simple that does the job without causing any hassle.

Here are some recommendations:

UV POD P26 XL Portable UV-C Sterilizer Bag

It is a one-button, simple operation device that sterilizes anything that you can fit inside in just 3 minutes. It has FDA and other organizations’ certification, so you can be sure that it is effective and safe to use. It’s portable, so you may bring it with you and sterilize anything you come in contact with anywhere, anytime.

UV POD X5 UV-C Foldable Sterilizer Wand

It is powered with 20x UV-C LED Beads, which can effectively disinfect most areas of your home – bathroom mats, bed linens, towels, carpets, toys, computers, keyboards, and the like. Simply unfold, press, and scan. It only takes 5-10 seconds to disinfect a certain area. It also works for personal hygiene items like toothbrushes, nail tools, make-up brushes, and even smartphones.