Roborn plans to sell its UV light robot at below $2600 each

Hong Kong, a global financial center less known for Robotics, joins the race to build mobile ultraviolet light disinfecting machines. 

 The virus still spread through the community, which raises the issue. “Disinfecting with UV light can be safe, and doesn’t cost much. It can clean thoroughly without contamination.

A one hundred rectangular ft area can be sterilized within a minute, But bigger areas need a longer exposure time. The primary reason for using UV-C Light it is because of hospital-acquired infection and multi-resistant microorganism that roams every room and hallways in the hospital

Hospitals have been taking advantage of UV-C Light to disinfect the operation theatres. Mak stated. “They  get a call from community hospitals that they want to use the robots in collecting their waste, which needs to be sterilize regularly

Meanwhile, Nano and Advanced Materials Institute has been constructing up a “sturdy antibacterial and antiviral mask” since 2013, which is being used at Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and United Christian Hospital. This material, which the company stated that it could last to eight months when sprayed at surfaces. The material will roll out in September this year.