The Tennessee Valley Authority is offering money to help schools and organizations introduce UV lighting

to limit the spread of COVID-19. The utility will help the spending plan $500,000 for the establishments.

This fall, as schools get ready to continue classes, and a higher amount of the economy revives even as the COVID-19 pandemic increases, America’s most prominent public utility is backing a 100 year old innovation that could destroy the virus and microorganisms out of the air and airborne virus-like Covid-19.
Financial assistance is being offered by the Tennessee Valley Authority for nursing homes, schools, cafés, and different structures with open spots to introduce ultraviolet germicidal illumination lights in air pipes to limit the contagion of airborne microorganisms like COVID-19.

A program had been developed by the TVA to increase awareness regarding UVGI lights in order to help combat influenza and other several airborne diseases in the following year. They have decided a month ago to quickly implement a roll-out to aid in the fight against COVID.


TVA installed UVGI Lights in metal-air ducts to help cleanse the air without exposing harmful UV light to humans. UV Lights kill viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms in the air.

History of UVC IN COMBATTING Viruses

UV light has been tested to combat germs and viruses for over a 100 years.
Back in 1941, a disease spread out through schools around Philadelphia, which was called “measles”. UV light fixtures were presented at the Germantown Friends School, and around 15 percent of the student who had not contracted before got sick. While in the upper-grade, study corridors in a comparative city where UV Light fixtures, most of the weak students contracted the disease.
With the long history of achievement in eliminating airborne microorganisms, the cost of presenting UVGI lights in an HVAC system will most likely be an obstacle to feature in the market. Installing commercial fixtures for a store like Walmart can cost approximately $100,000. Snyder mentioned installing UVGI lighting in air pipes in schools may have an estimated cost of $50,000 or even more.

Energy Right Incentives

Tennessee Valley Authority is now giving incentives to help pay for the foundation of UVGI lights in the metal-air channels to warming and cooling structures to help eliminate the airborne disease.
Moreover, TVA is also offering standard incentives which is $30 per ton for pipe mounted UVGI structures, which will pay for around 25% of the installation.
The program requires certified and professional installers to place the specialized UV Lights to its preferred and chosen contractor network. It already has approximately 80 contractors or more across the Tennessee Valley and they are well-prepared to do the UVGI installations.
The dealers of UVGI lights show that around 96 percent of the microorganisms are killed in the first pass through the air duct, and over 99 percent killed as the system continues to operate. In a standard business condition, there is around six air circulation in an hour of the HVAC system.

“I think this sterilization of air streams can be especially useful in any indoor open spot where you have a dense population of individuals” Definitely, “With the high-intensity, UV Light introduction,” we can modify the DNA of the virus, including COVID-19, to eliminate.

John Colmer

Owner, Computer Environment