The coronavirus pandemic has affected most industries negatively. The simultaneous lockdowns that happened around the globe were bad for business. Sure enough, many companies were forced to comply at least to a degree of slowdown and some, even outright closures. On the other hand, the pandemic has also sparked a demand for new services formerly not universally sought after.

Xenex is a company that has started offering the business of the LightStrike robots. The said machinery can sanitize extensive areas with the power of UV. The service is referred to as StrikeForce; it claims to have the capability of ridding of any coronavirus pathogens in only two minutes, which is already a reasonably impressive claim on its own. The company also boasts of its ability to minimize any microorganisms’ infection rates by half in a medical setting.

The automated machine disinfects by aiming intense energy at exposed surfaces. It’s common knowledge that UV light in the right dosage can eliminate various bacteria and viruses. The LightStrike robot is devised to adjust its dosage to eliminate as many different kinds of pathogens as possible successfully. It is currently the only apparatus that offers a wide range of hygienic UV that has both UVB and UVC. This long-range distributes a germicidal force that infiltrates the DNA of pathogens and causes irreversible damage. It is what makes the high magnitude Pulse Xenon UV light so exceptionally efficient at minimizing microbic load.

To make it simple, it causes enough damage to germs to refrain them from being a threat for infection. It helps curve the spread of the virus since a load of microbes on surfaces serves as a critical aspect in the possibility of a person contracting a disease after being exposed to it.

Xenex is claiming that they have already been proven to successfully kill the Novel Coronavirus, which is what causes Covid-19. It means their services are in significant demand. Unfortunately, Xenex is just a small company.

Despite being based in the U.S., their service is only accessible to their homes state of Texas, and even then, it seems like they prioritize serving medical settings rather than personal consumers. Still, the news of this type of robot existing means there is a market for more compact and affordable equipment to be rented, or even better – bought to keep your home virus-free.

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