UV germicidal gadgets are swiftly becoming more in demand due to the steadily increasing volume of consumers in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. But the question is, how safe are they for everyday use? Some UV equipped products can be ineffective and, if not used properly, may cause lasting injury to the eyes and skin. To demonstrate the possible health hazards, the American Lighting Association and National Electrical Manufacturers Association collaborated to provide crucial safety information regarding UV light. 

“We are happy to be working with NEMA in providing crucial safety information to the general public,” said Terry McGowan, ALA’s engineering and technology director. “The need for effective UV sterilization technology that is safe for everyday use in residential spaces has prompted innovation and is helping pave the way for the ceiling fan and lighting industries to help by contributing solutions that will help minimize the spread of the virus.” 

The new article, “Facts on UVC Germicidal Devices,” is the first guidelines provided for the lighting industry and possible consumers who have no guarantee of device efficiency or the dangers brought by over-exposure from machines that don’t have proper regulation of UVC emissions.

 Things to keep in mind:

  • The only way Novel Coronavirus can be destroyed by exposing it to direct UV light in the 200-280nm range.
  • UVC radiation generated by LEDs is already in development. However, they are still costly and generally unavailable in the current germicidal gadgets.
  • Dosage of UVC and length of exposure are the two key points you need to consider in checking a device’s effectiveness. It is impossible to determine if portable UV products, like a UV wand, are efficient enough when moved randomly close to surfaces and objects. Direct exposure is a must.
  • Safe and effective UVC sterilization gadgets for home use must include a UVC lamp built into HVAC ducts and set on the ceiling and wall fixtures aiming the UVC light towards the ceiling so no direct UV emission will reach the room’s occupants or sensitive materials and surfaces.
  • There is a test to certify that UVC equipment is fire and electrically safe. It follows the standards set by CSA and UL. Unfortunately, there isn’t an official test for product certification regarding germicidal effectiveness or user safety.

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Ultraviolet C or UVC has a wavelength that ranges from 100–280 nm, known as the short-wave, germicidal radiation, which is harmless to the human body as it is completely absorbed by the ozone layer and atmosphere.
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